July 1 - July 31, 2018



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Points  
rank: 40 name: Abilene Zoo teams: Abilene Zoo Teens Abilene Zoo - Staff teammates: 34 points: 7410  
rank: 22 name: ABQ BioPark teams: ABQ BioPark teammates: 69 points: 18899  
rank: 24 name: Akron Zoological Park teams: Akron Zoo Green Team teammates: 71 points: 17837  
rank: 21 name: Aquarium of the Pacific teams: Ocean Rangers teammates: 119 points: 22704  
rank: 23 name: Assiniboine Park Conservancy teams: Assiniboine Park Conservancy teammates: 118 points: 18648  
rank: 16 name: Audubon Nature Institute teams: Audubon Nature Institute teammates: 195 points: 28829  
rank: 45 name: Buttonwood Park Zoo teams: Buttonwood Park Zoo teammates: 25 points: 3311  
rank: 8 name: Calgary Zoo teams: Calgary Zoo "Stampede Stomp Out Plastic" Team teammates: 148 points: 47689  
rank: 6 name: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium teams: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium teammates: 233 points: 52857  
rank: 5 name: Dallas Zoo teams: DZBirds Recyclops VolunToad Team Scales, Children's Aquarium and Reptiles Department DZ Green Team Trash Talkers Re"psychal"paths, the Dallas Zoo hospital and nutrition department SSA Plastic Free HippAss Hoofstock We'll Make It Work Dallas Zoo Education Get That Out of Here Plastic Crane Patrol Plastic-Free Beyond July Dallas Zoo Primates and Carnivores teammates: 195 points: 60416  
rank: 41 name: Dallas Zoo Children's Zoo teams: Fantastic Deplastics teammates: 14 points: 4758  
rank: 35 name: Detroit Zoological Society teams: Detroit Zoological Society teammates: 56 points: 8871  
rank: 53 name: Great Bend Zoo teams: Great Bend Zoo teammates: 9 points: 1611  
rank: 4 name: Houston Zoo teams: Houston Zoo Team teammates: 278 points: 60656  
rank: 17 name: Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens teams: W.I.L.D. Squad Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens teammates: 123 points: 26407  
rank: 52 name: Jenkinson's Aquarium teams: Jenk's Waste Warriors teammates: 13 points: 1878  
rank: 25 name: Kansas City Zoo teams: Kansas City Zoo teammates: 80 points: 17774  
rank: 47 name: Little Ray's Nature Centre teams: Little Ray's Nature Centre teammates: 13 points: 3038  
rank: 1 name: Maryland Zoo teams: Maryland Zoo teammates: 210 points: 86556  
rank: 34 name: Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden teams: Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden teammates: 41 points: 8933  
rank: 37 name: Milwaukee County Zoo teams: Milwaukee County Zoo teammates: 39 points: 8064  
rank: 50 name: Mississippi Aquarium teams: Mississippi Aquarium teammates: 7 points: 2210  
rank: 14 name: Monterey Bay Aquarium teams: Monterey Bay Aquarium teammates: 232 points: 33308  
rank: 32 name: Museum of Life and Science teams: Museum of Life and Science teammates: 33 points: 9292  
rank: 26 name: Mystic Aquarium teams: Mystic Aquarium teammates: 64 points: 17552  
rank: 3 name: National Aquarium teams: National Aquarium The Greatest Tour Guides of All Time teammates: 233 points: 64561  
rank: 46 name: New York Aquarium teams: New York Aquarium teammates: 42 points: 3133  
rank: 44 name: Oakland Zoo teams: Oakland Zoo Team teammates: 33 points: 3579  
rank: 11 name: Ocean Wise teams: Vancouver Aquarium teammates: 150 points: 37606  
rank: 20 name: Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden teams: Oklahoma City Zoo teammates: 101 points: 24291